What Does GDA Do?

Technology is an ever-growing presence in our daily lives, including social media and cyber bullying. Global Dance Art (GDA) teaches ballroom dance to students. On the surface that seems straight forward, but at a closer look GDA teaches students human interaction, respect, creativity, and a need to work together to achieve a goal. The vehicle is ballroom dance with its many faces and characters of Latin and Standard dances; the result for our students is an increased sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, respect for others, acceptance of individual differences, the importance of practice to achieve a goal, exercise, posture, and feeling the music.

Who Do We Teach?

Our student base is comprised of general students participating in onsite or public-school enrichment programs. Our Differently-Abled Program is specifically developed to support students with varying levels of functionality.

What Programs Do We Offer?

All students participate as beginners at the beginner level. Students progress at their own pace and have the opportunity to move up to Bronze, Silver, and Gold as their skills improve.



Onsite Enrichment Program –  Student group classes held weekly throughout the school year. 8-12 week sessions beginning in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Differently-Abled Program – This program is specifically designed for the special needs student.

The Differently-Abled group class utilizes a special syllabus keeping in mind the different level of functionality each student may possess.

Private Instruction – Private dance lessons are available to any student who has an interest taking their ballroom dance to the next level.

GDA Sponsorships – Global Dance Art is a 501c3 charity. The funds raised through our group classes, fundraising events, private donations, and corporate sponsors are used to sponsor Differently-Abled dancers who demonstrate the skill level and interest in private instruction. GDA sponsored students receive private instruction at no cost to their families and participate in showcases and local dance competitions.

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Empowering Students with Ballroom Dance!