Who Do We Benefit?

Studies reveal music is a valuable tool to teach. Formal dance instruction provides a method to teach positive communication and interaction. Ballroom dance provides structure and discipline and instills students with a sense of positive achievement, self-control and good communication that will last a lifetime.

Global Dance Art students comprise a diverse background and possess different levels of ability. The common thread among our students is the love of music and movement. For sure students benefit in their own way and progress at their own pace.

  • Center For Disease Control and Prevention statistics indicate that more than 1 in 7 American children have a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder.
  • National Down Syndrome Society statistics show 1 in every 700 births in the USA are born with Down Syndrome, approximately 6,000 babies annually.
  • CDC statistics indicate that there are over 6 million children aged 2-5 years old with ADHD.  75% of those children diagnosed were given medicine as treatment even though the long-term use of medicine is unknown and the recommended first line of treatment calls for behavior therapy.
  • There is a growing relationship between poverty and risk for disability.  Children in poverty situations are 40% more likely to develop social, emotional and behavioral problems.

Dance helps students develop cognitive skills, provides exercise to manage weight and improves self-confidence.  Dance provides a sense of achievement and improved memory.

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Empowering Students with Ballroom Dance!