“I think Global Dance Art is an amazing program. The individuals participating from my center have developed higher self-esteem, they are learning how to follow directions and it’s actually improving their behavior. It’s amazing to watch these students become so much more social because they come back from class and talk about the dance steps they learned. They’re taking so much pride in themselves and willing to talk about and share their experience.”
Bridget Garland, Director – New Concepts for Living

“Thanks to Global Dance Art Diana is more confident, graceful, has much better posture and she feels she’s doing something very adult. I have the utmost respect for founders of GDA and the instruction team. This program is an amazing opportunity for differently-abled students. It is a program that I feel was started by the founders because they wanted to impart the skill, rather than out of a sense of sympathy for these kids. It provides students an opportunity to interact and exercise a different way. The love of ballroom dance and the enthusiasm shines through with the entire Global Dance Art team. Their love of dance has made a huge difference in my daughter’s life.”  Joanne Stolfo

“Global Dance Art is a Godsend to our son. Matthew could not participate in sports but he absolutely loves this dance program. It is a perfect outlet for him, he feels cured! Dance has improved Matthew’s ability to learn, listen and focus his mind. He is able concentrate much better now. These are all skills that were a challenge for him. Matthew is now a confident, happy young man and able to dance without any physical pain. We are very grateful to have Matthew be a GDA Sponsored student. Thank you to the donors, the sponsors, the instructors and everyone at Global Dance Art.   Janice Arnold

Empowering Students with Ballroom Dance!