Our Mission

Global Dance Art, Inc. (GDA) is a non-profit 501c3 charity established to expand the availability of instruction in the art of ballroom & Latin dance to dancers with special needs.

Our mission is to Inspire, Educate, Serve and Empower students through ballroom dance regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and race. We are dedicated to helping individuals through the integration of dance into their daily life. Our goal is to provide a sustained environment that will foster individual growth.

Funding for GDA is through public donations, public fundraising events held at local dance studios that feature world champion ballroom dance couples, ongoing special fundraising events, and group class instruction.  Funds raised are used to subsidize the cost associated for students with special needs who wish to take private dance lessons in the art of ballroom dance. Funds raised are used for lessons, dance shoes and when appropriate dance costumes or practice wear.

Empowering Students with Ballroom Dance!